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SignedApp: Get the tools you need for campaign success

SignApp in minutes to create your campaign’s SignedApp admin panel. From there, you can load voter contact information, send out news to your group, and access results that are retrieved by your users in the field directly through our SignedApp smartphone app.

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Expand Your User Base

Once you’ve SignedApp with us, we’ll set you up to grow your user base. Our system is created to increase your communication with key staff, interested constituents, loyal donors, and new or potential supporters. By getting yourself SignedApp, you can build off existing supporters to convert new users on our app, allowing you the opportunity to relay important campaign information to a growing base quickly and effectively.

Multiple Campaign Management

Effortlessly organize separate campaigns all within one admin panel. Keep tabs of separate lists, create unique campaign position questions for your users to survey potential voters, and see how your different events compare for collecting information, surveying voters, capturing donations, or passing out campaign materials.

In-Depth, Customizable Reporting

Increase effectiveness and monitor campaign progress with easy-to-understand analytics. Make your campaign dynamic with data to support what’s bringing you the best results in the field and where you need to focus your efforts.

Robust Mobile Version

Make the transition of information from your staff and volunteers out in the field to your internal campaign gurus seamless with our mobile phone app. Enter voter position stances, survey responses, and contact information effortlessly; or relay campaign information and videos to interested constituents easily with our mobile device.

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